in Private Label

We develop and supply products for sale under retailers' own brands, these are often referred to as private labels, store brands and own labels.

Private Label's play an important role in today's economic environment through:

  • The attraction of lower prices and value for money for consumers
  • The attraction of higher margin products for our retail customers
  • Enabling retailer differentiation and building customer loyalty
  • Providing opportunities for category segmentation with economy and premium ranges
  • Providing further growth opportunity in both developing and emerging markets

We innovate so that our customers get better products that deliver value and performance for consumers.

We're efficient, which means we can deliver products at the right time, at the right cost.

We specialise in product sectors we know well.

Sustainability is at the top of our agenda for product development, improving our products and processes to reduce environmental impact.

Care products

McBride Malaysia is one of Asia Pacific's leading developers and manufacturers of personal care, skincare and toiletry products. We continually observe the latest market and consumer trends to underpin our product development concepts and proposals.

Our areas of competence and expertise include:

  • Bath and shower products
  • Skin care
  • Hair care
  • Body care
  • Men’s grooming
  • Oral care
  • Baby care

Each category is supported by a team of marketing, formulation and development and packaging specialists aimed at delivering tailored product solutions for our customers.


McBride Malaysia is a trusted partner for Asia Pacific’s leading retailers and is growing fast.

In a highly competitive market, many of the region’s leading retailers work closely with us to develop superior private label products. That's because we have the innovation skills, manufacturing scale and efficiency and understanding of private label personal care categories.

We are acknowledged as a leader in terms of reliability, quality and innovation and continually strive to improve our understanding of the needs of our customers and the end consumer.

With Suppliers

Our suppliers help us develop new products, achieve efficiency and serve our customers better. In turn, we aim at working on a long-term basis with our suppliers to help them develop their businesses as well as ours.

Managing raw materials is fundamental to our business.

We purchase high volumes of raw materials and packaging, including surfactants, salts, polymers, enzymes, HDPE and PET bottles, caps and triggers and paper packaging.

We are very open to new ideas, concepts, or ways to do things better. We regard suppliers as partners in our drive for quality, innovation and efficiency.